Monday, August 7, 2017

Prague IOL 2018

This years olympiad has finished, but the next one is already gearing up! The 16th International Olympiad in Linguistics will take place in Prague, Czech Republic on the 26th -30th of July 2018.

Vítáme vás!
Prague.  Tuomas Lehtinen, Getty images.
The hosts are the Faculties of Arts and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University and the venue is the University of Life Sciences. Vojta Diatka, who has been a team leader for the Czech delegation for many years now, is leading the local organizing team.

Below are the countries of this years IOL, but who will be partaking next year? Find out about your national olympiad on our website if you want to get a chance to come to Prague and compete against the world's brightest young linguistic minds!

P.S. The problem sets will soon be uploaded in all the languages of the contest. We will upload the problems first, and one week later the solutions. That way, you can all try your hand at solving them without being able to look up the correct solution!