Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Problems from IOL 2016 are now up!

The problem set of the International Linguistics Olympiad 2016 in Mysore are now up for all to access and try out! Click here to see 'em!

This year, the team contest involved listening to audio clips in !Xóõ (ISO-code: nmn)  – a Khoisan language of Africa with not only tones, but also a large number of click consonants. Xóõ is spoken by 4,000+ in Botswana and has perhaps the largest inventory of speech sounds in the world. To learn more about the language visit wikipedia and/or Ethnologue. The problem set involved matching a number of audio files to transcriptions. The audio files are available here.
Contestants form IOL 2016 solving the individual problem sets
All the problem sets are available in the 18 languages of the contest, learn more about that here.