Friday, July 20, 2018

The 19 languages of this years IOL 2018 in Prague

IOL 2016 ceremony
Every year in the International Linguistics Olympiad we feature a multitude of different languages both in the problem sets themselves, and also as spoken by the contestants. The contestants are also able to receive the problem and hand in the solution in some other languages besides English. It is common for international olympiads to have the problem set in several different languages, we don't want to be biased against non-English speakers - in particular not at a linguistics contest. If you want to know more about the multilingual workings of the IOL, go here.

We won't reveal anything about the problem set before hand, of course, but we are hereby announcing the languages in which the contest will receive the problems and that they can answer in.

Languages of the IOL 2018
  1. English (European & North American) 
  2. Hungarian 
  3. Swedish 
  4. Russian 
  5. Ukrainian 
  6. Estonian 
  7. Danish 
  8. Polish 
  9. French 
  10. Chinese (Traditional & Simplified)
  11. Portuguese (Brazilian) 
  12. Japanese 
  13. Czech 
  14. Slovene 
  15. Dutch 
  16. Romanian 
  17. Bulgarian 
  18. Korean 
  19. Nepali